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High Fire Resistance Soft Polyurethane Foam Spray

High Fire Resistance Soft Polyurethane Foam Spray

  • High Fire Resistance Soft Polyurethane Foam Spray
High Fire Resistance Soft Polyurethane Foam Spray
Product Details:
Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: Junbond
Certification: ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO45001、CE
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Detailed Product Description
Package: Can Material: PU Foam
Advantage: High Expansion, Flame Retardant, Can Be Used For Large Area Caulking Moisture Resistance: High
Volume: 750ML UV Resistance: High
Application: Doors, Windows, Air Conditioners, Walls, Etc. Color: Black/ White/ Grey/ Transparent

Product Description:

PU Foam is an open cell spray polyurethane foam insulation that is designed to fill large cavities in walls, ceilings, and other areas where air tight insulation is needed. It is a 750ML volume product that provides a high level of moisture resistance, strong viscosity, and high UV and heat resistance. This product is popular for its superior insulation properties, particularly in high-temperature and high-humidity environments. It is also an excellent choice for sealing and insulating exterior walls, as well as for preventing drafts and condensation. PU Foam is easy to apply and offers a long-lasting and durable solution for your insulation needs.


  • Product Name: Pu Polyurethane Foam Spray
  • Color: Black/ White/ Grey/ Transparent
  • Application: Doors, Windows, Air Conditioners, Walls, Etc.
  • UV Resistance: High
  • Material: PU Foam
  • Features: Spray Polyurethane Foam, Polyurethane Foam, Open Cell Foam, Closed Cell Foam


Polyurethane Foam Spray Application by Junbond

Our Junbond Polyurethane Foam Spray is a perfect solution for any project requiring high-performance insulation. It is a cost-effective and reliable solution that is highly resistant to moisture, UV rays, and heat. Our Polyurethane Foam Spray has been certified by ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO45001、CE and can be used for various applications, including doors, windows, air conditioners, and walls. It has a soft firmness and high moisture and heat resistance, making it the ideal choice for any project.

Junbond Polyurethane Foam Spray is the perfect choice for any project that requires superior insulation and durability. It is easy to install and has excellent thermal and acoustic properties. With its excellent moisture and UV resistance, it can withstand extreme temperatures and conditions. With our Polyurethane Foam Spray, you get a reliable and long-lasting solution that ensures your project's success.


We provide custom services for PU Foam. Our product, Junbond, is certified with ISO9001、ISO14001、ISO45001、CE. It has strong viscosity and high moisture resistance. It comes in cans and is available in black/ white/ grey/ transparent with soft firmness. The product is also suitable for Polyurethane Foam Spray and Metal Polyurethane Sealant.

Packing and Shipping:

Packaging and Shipping for PU Foam:

PU Foam should be packed in strong cardboard box or wooden box. Depending on the size and weight of the product, appropriate packaging should be used. The product should be marked with the type of product and the name of the manufacturer. The box should be clearly labeled to show the recipient's address and the sender's address.

When shipping PU Foam, it should be shipped via a reliable shipping service such as UPS or FedEx. The package should be insured to protect against any damage or loss during shipping. The tracking number should be provided to the customer to ensure that the package can be monitored.


Questions about PU Foam
  • Q: What is the Brand Name of PU Foam?
  • A: The Brand Name of PU Foam is Junbond.
  • Q: Where is the Place of Origin of PU Foam?
  • A: The Place of Origin of PU Foam is China.
  • Q: What Certifications does PU Foam have?
  • A: PU Foam has ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO45001, and CE Certifications.
  • Q: What are the advantages of PU Foam?
  • A: PU Foam is lightweight, durable, flexible, and has excellent sound absorption and insulation properties.
  • Q: What are the applications of PU Foam?
  • A: PU Foam is widely used in automotive, furniture, medical, and construction applications.

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